eMed® COVID-19 Telehealth Kit™ (2-Pack)

eMed® COVID-19 Telehealth Kit™ (2-Pack)

Test for Covid-19 infection with this remotely proctored at-home test. Read more
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Sample type:
Nasal swab
Each box includes two test kits. Each test in the 2-pack can be used by a different person. Test kits are non-refundable and will have an expiration date. To take the test, you will need: Access to a broadband internet connection, an internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) with a microphone, speakers, front-facing camera or webcam, and a web browser, proof of identity such as a driver's license or passport. You will want to have this on hand since you will need to show it to your telehealth proctor at eMed, LLC, an email account, a free NAVICA™ digital health account. Reference instructions for use to create this account when you are ready to take the test, if your child is taking the test, create a NAVICA™ account for yourself and then add your child as a Managed Profile, a minimum of 30 minutes available so that you can complete your virtually guided test and your test (Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test). Use the instructions provided with your test to connect with a telehealth proctor at eMed, LLC who will help you through the testing process. Detailed instructions will be included with each kit. 
Test type: Home Collection Kit
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This test is used to screen for COVID-19, an illness caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
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This test is for anyone who wants to know if their body is reacting to a COVID-19 infection or would like to verify results through a proctored test. Must be 18 years of age to purchase.
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Nasal swab
An at-home test kit is sent to you.
About the Test

Quest offers the eMed® COVID-19 Telehealth Kit™ which includes two Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Tests. It is a simple solution for at-home COVID-19 antigen testing, with results available in 15 minutes. This test provides convenience and flexibility, plus virtual supervision that may meet testing requirements for travel or events.

Your test results will tell you whether you are currently infected with COVID-19. (Refer to CDC guidance on self-testing for additional information.) If your results are positive, it is important to contact your healthcare provider, isolate, monitor your symptoms, and follow up with a molecular PCR test, such as Quest's COVID-19 Active Infection test, to confirm whether you have an active infection.

If your results are negative, it means the virus was not detected in the sample you collected.

Please note: eMed, LLC provides services and oversight for this at home test. Quest Diagnostics does not provide laboratory testing services for this item. Your test results will not be shared with or available from Quest, and PWNHealth services and fees do not apply to this offering. Please refer to eMed's Terms of Use.