Stress and Nutrition Antioxidant Screen

Did you know your oxidative stress levels may impact your overall health? Our Stress and Nutrition Antioxidant Screen measures your oxidative stress levels to help you understand how an imbalance in certain antioxidants can put you at risk for developing chronic health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, or other chronic conditions and, if necessary, take steps to reduce your risk.
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This test measures the F2-isoprostane/creatinine ratio.
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About the test

Our Stress and Nutrition Antioxidant Screen measures the F2-isoprostane/creatinine ratio in urine, which reflects oxidative stress in the body.

Oxidation is an essential process that helps your body convert food into energy, eliminate toxins, and repair cells. Without oxidation, the body would be unable to function properly. However, excessive oxidation can also be damaging to the body. This is called oxidative stress. This imbalance can lead to cellular damage and various health conditions.

This test is useful for anyone who wants to evaluate their oxidative stress levels, including those with risk factors such as smoking, unbalanced diet, high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), or a family history of cardiovascular disease.

An abnormal result may indicate an increased risk of developing certain health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. A healthcare provider may recommend dietary or lifestyle changes or further testing to rule out or confirm potential health risks or disorders

Stress and Nutrition Antioxidant Screen

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