Quest Mobile™ In-Home Sample Collection

Quest Mobile™ In-Home Sample Collection

Get lab work on your terms, and your turf. An in-home visit with a Quest Mobile™ phlebotomist makes sample collection for your purchased lab tests more convenient. Read more
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Please see the individual test you are purchasing to understand what you need to prepare for each test. Be sure to drink plenty of water before your in-home sample collection. Being fully hydrated will help increase your blood volume, and hydrated veins are easier to find, making for an easier draw. If your test requires a urine sample, please be prepared to collect a sample during your visit. Quest Mobile™ will provide your collection materials. If you take blood-thinning medication, be sure to tell your Quest Mobile™ phlebotomist.
Test type: In-home sample collection
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In-home sample collection. Available in select areas for an additional fee ($55).


About In-Home Sample Collection

Quest helps you to better understand your health with a variety of lab tests. And now, Quest offers a more convenient option to complete your lab work with in-home sample collection through Quest Mobile™. In-home sample collection leverages an extensive network of friendly, trained Quest Mobile™ phlebotomists that provide this seamless add-on service to your Quest Diagnostics lab work.


Get lab work on your terms, and your turf.

Choose added comfort and flexibility with your lab work by opting for in-home sample collection with a Quest Mobile phlebotomist.


Buy a lab test +
in-home sample collection

No doctor visit required for purchase. If in-home service is available in your area, purchase for an additional $55 fee.


Schedule an appointment

Post purchase, Quest Mobile will contact you to schedule an in-home sample collection appointment.


In-home sample collection

A Quest Mobile phlebotomist will collect your sample and deliver it to Quest Diagnostics.


Get fast results online

Access results online as soon as they’re available. Discuss your results with an independent physician at no extra cost.

In-home sample collection is not available in all locations.