6 important blood tests featured by the Washington Post & Consumer Reports

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A recent article in the Washington Post shed light on 6 important blood tests to consider for your health, offering expert insights into who should take these tests, and how often. These lab tests can be a valuable tool to help identify potential health risks early on, empowering you to take proactive steps towards maintaining your well-being. And, with questhealth.com, you can buy any and all of these lab tests—on your own terms. No need to wait and pay for a doctor appointment first. And, included with your purchase, you have the option to discuss your results with an independent physician.


No doctor visit is required to buy your own lab test at questhealth.com. PWNHealth and its affiliates review your purchase to ensure it is medically appropriate before submitting the test order for processing. PWNHealth also reviews your test results and will contact you directly if they require prompt attention. Included in each purchase is the option to discuss your test results with an independent physician; however, you are also encouraged to speak with your primary healthcare provider.