YO™ Male Fertility At-Home Test Kit (2-Pack)

YO™ Male Fertility At-Home Test Kit (2-Pack)

Analyzes your motile (moving) sperm concentration, which is an important factor in assessing fertility and achieving a pregnancy. The refill kit only works with the analyzer that must be purchased with the full test kit. Read more
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There are very specific instructions you should follow to collect and test your sample, which are listed on the instructions provided in the kit. Access to a smartphone, PC, or Mac is required to complete this test. For the most accurate compatibility information, please visit YO’s website: https://yospermtest.com/supported-devices-universal-2/
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As one in seven couples struggle with infertility, it is important to remember that the man is a contributing factor approximately 50% of the time.1 Quest® offers the YO™ Male Fertility At-Home Test Kit, a smartphone based home test which provides a qualitative assessment of motile sperm concentration (MSC) in human semen. MSC is one aspect of a male semen examination. This test does not provide a comprehensive evaluation of a male’s fertility status and is intended for over-the-counter, in vitro use only.

Whether or not you and your partner are currently planning or trying for a family, understanding your sperm motility is an indicator of your overall health and wellness. This test allows you to learn more about your sperm quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home.

Please note: This is an at-home test from Medical Electronic Systems. Quest Diagnostics does not provide laboratory testing services for this item. Your test results will not be shared with or available from Quest, and PWNHealth services and fees do not apply to this offering.


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